I worked with Erin Thomas of Vibe Yoga Studio in partnership woth Untitled Light to bring a special series pairing yoga and art throughout the Bloomington area. Interactive, multi-locational, site specific creative body movement experiences based on the 5 senses.

The series was designed to open up the channels of personal creativity by journeying through the senses. Five unique yoga practices were paired with creative expression to allow practitioners to open and access deep levels of personal creativity. I even got to paint during one of the sessions which was a challenging and rewarding experience. 


1.     Location: Untitled Light Studio - 127 S. GENTRY
Sense: Sight
Yoga: Vinyasa HEAT
Art: Dance & Flow
Projections of colors and sights on the wall and to the side during the practice including a live watercolor artist at work during the practice - each participant will receive one small and quick painting of them done by the artist.
DATE: 08/04 @ 8pm.

2.     Location: Bryan Park
Yoga: Yin
Sense: Touch
Art: Painting - Abstract expressionism
Canvas Mats provided along with washable, biodegradable “paints” in buckets all around. Paintings will be created with each pose, each dip info the different colored paints. Before we begin, discuss color theory and moods associated with each color. Participants take home their unique movement painting.
DATE: 08/12

3.    Location: Blueline
Yoga: Vinyasa Flow
Sense: Sound
Art: Music
Sound bath from crystal bowl healing and vibrational therapy performed by artist Ashlan Vedder during poses. 
DATE: 8/26
TIME: 9-10AM

4.     Location: Rooftop BBC
Yoga: Yin
Sense: Taste
Art: Culinary
Chocolate art - Blu Boy Chocolates. Mindful and meditative tasting of a chocolate prior to going into a Yin pose. Poses could tie in to the flavor profiles of the chocolates- ex: spicy = twists, sweet = backbend
DATE: 09/2

5.     Location: Vibe Yoga
Yoga: Flow & Slow- warming with Vinyasa and then essential oils applied in restorative/yin poses
Sense: Smell
Art: Writing & Catharsis
DATE: 09/09
Essential Oils class and sampling with a time to journal using stream of consciousness at the end.