Live Yoga Painting… or, YogArt

I’ve done this twice now and I would love to make it a part of my live painting efforts more often. Yoga students show up to a class and get to leave with an original watercolor painting of themselves in their expression of movement. A beautiful partnership started between me and Erin Thomas of Vibe Yoga in Bloomington, Indiana. Below are example images from past sessions.

Art Farts

The idea here is to share your intimate internal world in the least intimate way.

A stranger happens upon a piece of your day and decides what to do with it.

Maybe it changes their day, maybe it doesn't. But in the end you can walk around lighter because you are constantly letting go.

Try it, it's nice and post-its are cheap! 

"past selves" ink and watercolor on paper, 2017

You Feed me Feelings, I Feed You Art

There I said it. I care about what others think. I want to know what's in your brain and I  want to make art about it. I want to feel what you feel and in turn feed you something visual. 

You don't have to put your name here or anything unless you want to.