The Edible Carnival

Albuquerque based artist Russell Bauer.  

With his extensive knowledge of construction and life-based systems, Russell creates allegorical, performative, often kinetic installation works, using art to connect humans to sustainability. Russell’s art practice focuses on the basic human needs for food, water, and shelter in the realities of contemporary society. The Edible Carnival is a blend of technological exploration, social experimentation, open source database: a traveling spectacle of productive food systems, conceptually engaging fantasy, and functional paintings.

The Edible Carnival debuted in Bloomington on Friday, June 3rd from 5-8 PM at Blueline Gallery with a unique, interactive reception.

"Now we consider the things we produce, that which is left behind, and how they will travel through time. How they will be remade. And if we live a truly rich life, the next lives can be even richer."

- Rotisserie Chariot
- Wall Handle installation
- Functional Paintings
- Collections
- Miniatures

More information about Russell's work can be found at

In addition I partnered with tiny house master Daniel Weddle who joined the Edible Carnival accompanied by one of his creations outside the gallery.  
More information about his work can be found at

Special thanks to our sponsors Lucky's Market BloomingtonWorm's WaySwitchyard Brewing Company for the support.

 Carpenter Owl Tiny House featured at the Edible Carnival

Carpenter Owl Tiny House featured at the Edible Carnival

The Rotisserie Rickshaw kept burning straight into the night. I extended event hours due to the popularity of this contraption, which roasted organic vegetables perfectly using the power of air convection! 

Before the start of SHOP TALK: The Art of Green Living 

SHOP TALK: The Art of Green Living 

I put together a panel of sustainable living and working gurus to speak at a free event following The Edible Carnival.

The panel featured Russell Baue), Sean Starowitz (Director of the Bloomington Arts District & artist), Julie James (Owner of local organic, Blue Farm & advocate for wholesome living), and Daniel Weddle (local tiny home builder and advocate for eco-living).

An evening of discussion, ideas, education, and a look into the worlds of the panel of featured creatives. We sipped in-house healthy juices and cocktails, ate organic hors d'oeuvre creations, and after the talks hung out and share ideas about the importance of wholesome living and ongoing community / personal projects.