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A walking, talking, art hub.

Priscilla Rocha is a human-centric artist seeking to cultivate the value of art as a necessary component to a healthy life.  Through the lens of community engagement, Priscilla strives to develop individual artists and organize inclusive programs, collecting and telling stories in spaces that bring understanding to the surface.

Priscilla works to redefine the idea of a community and lives for moments of creativity in unexpected spaces. She believes art is the easiest way to bring people together be it one-on-one, a downtown hub, or an entire city. 

She paints from life as she sees it, transforming the ordinary and perhaps overlooked aspects of our collective existence to discover, always, a perspective that is extraordinary, light-filled, and true.

Priscilla is excited and driven by the discovery that art is a profitable business for all parties involved in more ways than one.  

Priscilla currently works and plays in Bloomington, Indiana. Originally from Brasilia, Brazil, she grew up in Valparaiso, Indiana.